Here are just a few of the many testimonials from the more than 5,000 families we have served and hundreds of volunteers who have been helping us.

I have been working with The Hands Up Foundation since it started 14 years ago and I can say that this is my favorite organization to work out of the many volunteering things I do. Amazing people throughout!

- Tony N.


The Hands Up Foundation is a great group of individuals who are passionate about empowering individuals in their current situation. In addition to their own programming, the Hands Up members are always looking for ways to partner with other local organizations. For years, members of the Hands Up Foundation spent Thanksgiving with the Urban Alliance team, serving and engaging hundreds of individuals at the Annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner. Hands Up is making an impact on hundreds of families within our community, and many more to come.

- Nicole M.

Urban Alliance, Inc.

It has been a very enlightening experience to be involved with The Hands Up Foundation. The amount of need within our community is way more than I ever realized and I feel honored to have this opportunity to help and support those in need.

- Dave W.


I have been working with Hands Up for several years now and I just absolutely LOVE working every single event that they do! Watching the devotion everyone has to helping others is awe inspiring and extremely uplifting. Thank you Hands Up for all you do.

- Jason M.


Help us make a difference!

We are constantly adding new nonprofits to the list of organizations we work to fundraise for, and have gained the support of many local businesses to further the vision of Hands Up Foundation. Be apart of it!